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About This Site

This web site is a repository of information about dyes and how they work. As a scientist, I believe that freely sharing information is important. The more artists know about how their materials work and what materials are best for their purposes, the more control they have over their work, and the better the work that they can produce.

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About the author

I am a scientist with a long-standing interest in dyes. When I took up dyeing fabric as a hobby, I was frustrated by the limitations caused by not fully understanding my materials, and by the lack of available information anywhere to explain them to me. I found information which was useful to me only because of my scientific background, and have ever since been sharing the knowledge I have gained with anyone who shares my interest.

My Ph.D. thesis, DNA Damage and Cell Lethality by Photodynamically Produced Oxygen Radicals, involved the use of certain dyes as a source of toxic oxygen radicals. My work involved identifying which oxygen species actually caused dye-related damage both in vivo and in vitro. The dyes I worked with were clearly more hazardous than the ones we like to use in our art!

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