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Color Chart for Buying Procion MX Dyes

Amazon is now carrying most Procion MX dye colors.

You can mail-order dyes from most of the companies listed on my page of Sources for Dyeing Supplies around the World. Larger jars of dye are more economical in the long run, and some sites have a different selection of dyes.

However, when starting out, or when trying new colors, many of my readers prefer to buy small jars of Procion MX dyes through a familiar source such as Amazon, Dick Blick, or Mister Art. This site is an affiliate of these suppliers; if you purchase via the links on this page, your purchase will help to support this web site, at no additional cost to you.

Please note that the colors shown are only a rough approximation and will vary according to the adjustment of your monitor, the amount of dye you use, the color of the fabric you start with, and the conditions under which you apply the dye. Always run a test before undertaking any large or critical dyeing project.

004 Lemon Yellow
Yellow MX-8G*
010 Bright Golden
Yellow MX-3RA*
011 Antique Gold
(no MX code)
016 Rust Orange
Brown MX-GRN*
020 Brilliant Orange
Orange MX-2R*
028 Bright Scarlet
Scarlet MX-BA
030 Fire Engine Red
032 Carmine Red
034 Magenta
Red MX-5B*
035 Hot Pink
(no MX code)
040 Fuchsia
Red MX-8B*
042 Raspberry
(no MX code)
058 Marine Violet
(no MX code)
068 Turquoise
Turquoise MX-G*
070 Cerulean MX-G
Blue MX-G*
071 Teal
(no MX code)
072 Medium Blue
Blue MX-R*
076 Cobalt Blue
Blue MX-2G*
078 Navy
Blue MX-4RD
079 Midnight Blue
(no MX code)
086 Forest Green
Green MX-CBA
094 Emerald Green
(no MX code)
097 Bright Green
(no MX code)
105 Olive Green
(no MX code)
106 Bronze
(no MX code)
107 Avocado
(no MX code)
119 Chocolate Brown
(no MX code)
124 Burgundy
Brown MX-RDA
126 Brown Rose
Brown MX-5BR
128 Warm Black
150 Jet Black
(no MX code)
170 Ecru
(no MX code)
180 Peach
(no MX code)
184 Bubble Gum
(no MX code)
192 Lilac
(no MX code)
199 Ice Blue
(no MX code)
201 Robins Egg Blue
(no MX code)
210 Pale Aqua
(no MX code)
230 Pearl Gray
(no MX code)
*Only those MX codes marked with an asterisk are unmixed single-hue dyes. All others are mixtures, even if they have MX codes.
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