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Buying Jacquard Acid Dyes

Amazon carries most Jacquard Acid colors.

You can mail-order dyes from most of the companies listed on my page of Sources for Dyeing Supplies around the World. However, when starting out, or when trying new colors, many of my readers prefer to buy small jars of Jacquard Acid Dyes through a familiar source such as Amazon, or Mister Art. This site is an affiliate of these suppliers; if you purchase via the links on this page, your purchase will help to support this web site, at no additional cost to you.

The background colors in the color chips, below, are more accurate than the small square swatches. Please note that the colors shown are only a rough approximation and will vary according to the adjustment of your monitor, the amount of dye you use, and the color of the fabric you start with. Always run a test before undertaking any large or critical dyeing project.

600 Ecru
601 Yellow Sun*

602 Bright Yellow*
603 Golden Yellow*
604 Burnt Orange*
636 Gold Ochre
605 Pumpkin Orange
633 Aztec Gold
606 Deep Orange*
607 Salmon
608 Pink
609 Scarlet
617 Cherry Red*
618 Fire Red*
619 Crimson*
616 Russet
632 Chestnut
610 Burgundy*
611 Vermillion
620 Hot Fuchsia*
612 Lilac
613 Purple
614 Violet*
615 Periwinkle
621 Sky Blue*
622 Sapphire Blue*
623 Brilliant Blue*
631 Teal*
625 Royal Blue*
626 Navy Blue*
624 Turquoise*
627 Kelly Green
628 Chartreuse
629 Emerald
630 Spruce
634 Olive
635 Brown
637 Gun Metal
638 Silver Grey*
639 Jet Black
*Dyes mixed with asterisks are unmixed, single-hue dyes whose Colour Index numbers, solubility, washfastness, lightfastness, and dischargeability are listed at the Jacquard web site. All others in this table are mixtures.

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