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What other brand names are Procion MX type dyes sold under?

Brand names for cold water fiber reactive dyes

Dichlorotriazine: Procion MX, Lamafix, Adiactive, Duractive Kiractive, Tulactiv, "Cold Brands", "Cold Brand", etc.

Dichlorotriazine dyes were patented in 1954 by the ICI corporation (Rattee, I. D. and W. E. Stephen, German Patent No. 1019025, 1954.) Until the patent expired, there were no other brand names besides Procion for these dyes. The patent was held by ICI first, then another company, and finally BASF, which had manufacturing plants in several countries. Now there are many plants in Asia which manufacture a subset of the dichlorotriazine dyes.

Is there another kind of cold water fiber reactive dye?

Monofluorotriazine: Cibacron F, Sabracron F.

Monofluorotriazine dyes are only slightly less reactive than dichlorotrizines (the Procion MX type). Their reduced reactivity means they require slightly higher reaction temperatures, but also last much longer in solution before hydrolysis renders them incapable of reacting with fiber. They possess the additional advantage of requiring much less rinsing out of unreacted dye afterwards - probably because of the much lower percentage of hydrolyzed dye, at least to some extent. (Sources include PRO Chemical and Standard Dyes.)

Drimarene K is another fiber reactive dye, this one more easily found in Australia and New Zealand than MX or F dyes. It requires slightly higher reaction temperatures - no cold studios! - but has the advantage of staying good much longer in solution. It can be used at warm temperatures, unlike the Procion H type dyes which must be steamed.

Drimarene-K is a registered trade name of Clariant. Other brands of dye labeled "K" are not necessarily generic versions of the same type; for example Town End Leeds, in the UK, sells dichlorotriazines (Procion MX type dyes) under the name of "Duractive K Reactive Dyes".

What about other fiber reactive dye classes?

Other fiber reactive dyes, such as the monochlorotriazines (Procion H), vinyl sulfones (Remazol), etc., all require higher temperatures than those required by the dichlorotriazines and monofluorotriazines.

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