dyeing a taffeta dress: you need to know the fiber content!

Name: Renauda

Message: I have a light lavender plaid taffeta top with a solid light lavender taffeta skirt that was previously used as a bridesmaid dress.  I want to dye the 2 pc dress black but Im unsure what type of dye to buy and which way is best to get the color dark black.  Thanks!!

I can't tell you without more information. What is the fiber content of your outfit?

Silk taffeta is easier to dye than nylon taffeta; acrylic and polyester taffeta dresses are essentially undyeable. See "About Dyes" to match the correct type of dye to the fiber your dress is made of.

Also, is your outfit washable? You cannot dye anything that is truly dry clean only. If it is washable, and made of a dyeable fiber, the easiest way to dye it a solid color is in the washing machine. The plaid will always show through a little under certain lights, however.

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Posted: Wednesday - November 16, 2005 at 05:41 AM          

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