Wednesday - January 22, 2014

How would I dye the white parts of a red and white shemagh and not affect the red?

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Tuesday - January 07, 2014

Can I dye a Carteret Blue coat brown for my new job?

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Friday - November 08, 2013

I have this white dress that is made of matte jersey knit fabric. I wondered what dye could be used to get this dress black.

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Tuesday - July 09, 2013

Do I need to remove a dark brown prior to dyeing or can I dye right over the brown & achieve an eggplant type purple?

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Friday - July 05, 2013

Is it possible to dye a jacket which is 100% baumwoole?

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Tuesday - February 05, 2013

Can a black poly/spandex jumpsuit be dyed to a different color?

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Friday - February 01, 2013

Can I dye a blue dress (cotton, nylon blend with cotton lining) green?

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Tuesday - December 18, 2012

Can I use cold water to dye rayon with Procion MX dyes so it doesn't shrink?

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Monday - December 17, 2012

How can I dye a washable bright yellow lined wool peacoat?

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Sunday - September 23, 2012

I would like to dye my blue jeans dark again. Can you tell me the brand of dye that is best for this?

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Sunday - July 29, 2012

Can I dye a dry-clean-only silk jersey dress that lost its color?

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Wednesday - June 27, 2012

How can I dye my 100% cotton blouses without a washing machine?

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Saturday - June 16, 2012

Is it possible to dye a silk velvet burnout dress with a completely sewn-in rayon liner?

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Thursday - May 31, 2012

Can I dye small areas of my riding vest from red to green?

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Friday - May 25, 2012

I dyed a pair of shoes yesterday, and while they look wonderful, I simply cannot get all the dye out.

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Thursday - May 24, 2012

My dress seems to have conflicting problems. It is 52% cotton, 46% nylon, and 2% spandex. Can it be dyed?

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Monday - May 14, 2012

Can I dye a formal nylon lace, viscose, and cotton dress pale pink?

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Tuesday - April 24, 2012

Dyeing a silk dress with yellowish stains

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Monday - February 27, 2012

What dyes should I use to dye a vest corset made of rayon with nylon and spandex?

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Thursday - February 16, 2012

I have a dress that is 57% cotton, 43% acetate and the lining is 100% acetate and is also dry clean only. How I would go about dying this dress?

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