Can you tell me if you have any outlets in the Philippines or UK?

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Linda Johansen's book
Fabric Dyer's Dictionaryir?t=dyeblog-20&l=as2&o=1&a=1571208631
shows how to mix a small number of Procion dyes to obtain a large number of different solid colors



Holly Brackmann's book
The Surface Designer's Handbookir?t=dyeblog-20&l=as2&o=1&a=193149990X

includes directions for dyeing with Procion MX dyes


Country or region: Philippines

Message: Can you tell me if you have any outlets in the Philippines or UK? Thank you.

I don't have any outlets, but I assume you are asking about sources for good fabric dyes in general.

In the UK there are many sources of good dyes, such as Procion MX dyes for cotton. Look at my page "Sources for Dyeing Supplies Around the World" and scroll down to the "Europe" section. In particular look at Kemtex Educational Supplies and at George Weil, both of which sell a wide variety of textile dyes and sell their dyes online as well as in their shops.

Unfortunately, I have less information about finding a dye supplier in the Philippines. I don't know about any small-scale retailers there. With luck, perhaps a large dye company such as Dystar or Huntsman can tell you about local retailers that they supply which sell dye in smaller quantities.

You can order from Dystar directly if you can deal with a minimum order size of five kilograms per dye color, but those amounts are extremely impractical for hand dyers. Dystar no longer sells Procion MX dyes, but they do sell Remazol dyes, which are good fiber reactive dyes. Huntsman Textile Effects, which sells Novacron fiber reactive dyes for cotton, and Lanaset and Lanasol dyes for wool, has similar minimum order quantities. Both of these large dye manufacturers have regional offices for the Philippines in Singapore. You can find contact information for Huntsman Textile Effects and Dystar online.

In some cases it turns out to be best to order dyes from other countries. The individual dye retailers in the US, such as Dharma Trading Company and PRO Chemical & Dye, do not have any outlets in the Philippines; however, many people in various countries around the world have ordered their dyes directly from companies in the US, sometimes finding them to be cheaper, even after paying for shipping, than buying the same dyes in local shops.  If you find it more practical to order dyes internationally, in spite of the cost of shipping, it's worth noting that prices per ounce of dye are considerably lower from Dharma Trading Company or PRO Chemical & Dye in the US than they are from any retailer in the UK. You will want to look into the comparative costs of shipping, which have recently increased significantly in the US. The Philippines are listed by Dharma Trading Company as being a country to which companies in the US can ship any of their products, without problems caused by import regulations. (They can't ship flammable products internationally, including solvent-based gutta, but all of their dyes and dyeables are okay.)

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