I'm already dyeing fabric with MX dyes. Is the process the same for embroidery threads?

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White - dmc 6 strand cotton cone

White DMC 6 Strand Cotton Cone

DMC Six Strand Embroidery Cotton 100 Gram Cone offers approx. 450 yards. Ideal for large projects and schools.


Procion mx fiber reactive cold water dye

Procion MX Dye

When mixed with soda ash, Procion dyes are permanent, colorfast, and very washable. You can easily create a palette of brilliant colors ranging from light pastels to deep, vibrant hues.


Country or region: Colorado

Message: I'm already dyeing fabric with MX dyes. Is the process the same for embroidery threads?

Assuming that your embroidery threads are made of 100% cotton, rayon, or silk, the process will be just the same as for dyeing cotton or silk fabric, aside from the care needed to prevent the thread from becoming a mass of tangles when you wash it. You can dye a solid color by immersing in a large volume of water, or dye multiple colors by painting dye on or by using tie-dyeing or low water immersion techniques.

It is essential that you know the true fiber content of your embroidery thread. If your thread is made of nylon, then you should use acid dye to color it. If your thread is made of polyester, then you should use disperse dyes, either by boiling them with the thread or by creating iron-ons transfers. Cotton, rayon, and silk can be dyed with Procion MX dyes with soda ash; silk can also be dyed with acid dyes. White DMC 6 Strand Cotton embroidery floss dyes particularly well, because it is mercerized, so the dye can really penetrate the thread. Procion MX dye is an excellent choice for dyeing cotton embroidery floss.

For more information on dyeing without tangling, see my blog entry "How to Dye Silk Ribbon to Be Variegated In Color" (even if you're not dyeing ribbon and are not interested in variegation), dated April 12, 2008.

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