I'm looking for help on finding a dye that will dye a microfiber material

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Jacquard idye

Jacquard iDye and iDye Poly

iDye Poly is disperse dye that can be used to immersion dye synthetic fibers including polyester, nylon, and acrylic.


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Ink Effects fabric transfer inks allow you to perfect designs on paper before transferring to fabric.



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12 Painting Techniques, Create Dynamic Landscape Quilts


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Message: Hey, I'm looking for help on finding a dye that will dye a microfiber material. I have about four yards of this fabric, and I've dyed regular natural fabrics before with good results and I'm comfortable with that, but this fabric is for a quilt I'm trying to make. I would greatly appreciate any help or advice you have for me. Thank you very much for your time.

The most important question, whenever you are dyeing something, is always the same: what fiber is it made from? "Microfiber" tells you little about the fiber content, because it is no more than a description of the very small diameter of the fiber. Microfiber fabric is usually made from either polyester or nylon, but it can also be made from polypropylene or other fibers.

If your microfiber is made from polyester, then you can dye it only with disperse dye. Other types of dye, such as acid dye, fiber reactive dye, or all-purpose dye, cannot bond to polyester, no matter what chemicals or process you use with them, and so they end up just washing out. Disperse dye must be applied to polyester at very high heat, either by boiling it for some time with a dye carrier chemical, or by creating dye transfer designs on paper and then ironing them onto the fabric. (See my page, "Dyeing Polyester with Disperse Dyes".) Alternatively, some fabric paints, in particular those manufactured by Jacquard Products, can be used on polyester; fabric paint techniques such as those described in Mickey Lawlor's book, Skydyes: A Visual Guide to Fabric Paintingir?t=dyeblog-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B005SMXTVW, are very popular for quilting.

If your microfiber is made from nylon, then it is best dyed with acid dye, the same category of dye that is used for wool. A good choice would be the dyes known as the Nylomine dyes, which you can purchase as Washfast Acid Dyes. (See my page, "Which Washfast Acid colors are pure, and not mixtures?", for more information.) In the US, order Washfast Acid Dyes dyes from PRO Chemical & Dye, in Massachusetts. Nylon can also be dyed with the same disperse dyes used on polyester, but acid dyes are easier to apply and are more washfast on nylon.

If your microfiber is made of another fiber, such as polypropylene, you might not be able to dye it at all. Polypropylene simply cannot be dyed after manufacture.

When you buy a fabric, always look at the end of the bolt. I believe it's a legal requirement to specify the fiber content of the fabric there. It should tell you whether your microfiber fabric is polyester or nylon or something else altogether. It may also tell you a brand name: if it says "Ultrasuede", for example, then you can find more information about it.

Please keep in mind that it is always important to test your materials on a small piece of the fabric, whether you decide to use dye or fabric paint, before investing a large amount of time or money into using them.

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