Can I restore the color of a bleach-stained foam mattress?

Name: Karen


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Country or region: Northwest

Message: I have a question that is related to the FAQ on dying porous foam, but my situation is somewhat different. I have an all-foam mattress that I would like to restore to its original color. The mattress is new, but part of it was discolored when I sprayed a bleach product on it. The foam was originally white and the bleach caused the sprayed areas to turn purple and yellow. Do you know if and how I can remove the stains and restore the original foam color?I have called professional cleaners but they have never dealt with this type of issue. I am hoping that your knowledge of dyeing and different materials could help to shed some light on this problem.

I'm sorry to say that I do not believe that dyeing can solve the problem of your discolored foam. Discoloration in synthetic materials that is produced by chlorine bleach is almost invariably permanent. I don't know of any product or material that can remove the stains from bleach-damaged foam. Your best bet, if possible, would be to place a fabric cover on the mattress to conceal the stains.

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Posted: Friday - March 22, 2013 at 08:28 AM          

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