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Parenting Book Recommendations FAQ

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Here you can read the Parenting Resources FAQ. In exchange, please consider making a contribution of your own to it, if you have any strong feelings on this subject. Please send me information on any books you really liked (or really disliked), including the author's name OR the title as a minimum (either should be enough to order the book with the aid of a copy of _Books_In_Print_), preferably both plus the ISBN number and a rough estimate of price, and a BRIEF summary of what you liked or disliked about the book(s). If your comment is an addendum to a mention already in this FAQ, it would make things easier for me if you'd say so.

Note that the "I" you see here or there does NOT reflect my views unless preceded by the words "Editor's Note" or followed by my name--many different and sometimes conflicting views are contained here. Contributors' names are in some cases deleted for practical reasons--each person's list has been chopped up and inserted under so many topics that it was impossible to keep everything straight, and it's better to skip attributions than to mis-attribute. Some portions are from collections made by other persons, who deleted all contributor's names, so I apologize if you're not credited at the end but should be. (Let me know.)

The contents of this document are copyright (c) 1994-2003, Paula E. Burch, solely to prevent unauthorized for-profit use. This document represents many different opinions, but does not represent Baylor College of Medicine or its opinions in any way.

For a list of other FAQ topics, look for the FAQ File Index posted weekly to,,,pregnancy, misc.answers, and news.answers, or see it on the web at

Links are starting to be provided provided to some retail sources, including mail-order catalogs and on-line sources. Links to have a special feature: while orders placed for books by adding them to one's "shopping cart" via these links are charged at the same discount as always, this web site will actually receive a small kick-back of the book's cost ("in association with"), which may help to defray my costs of maintaining this web site, if enough people chose to support it by so doing. I am not in any way trying to encourage the use of any particular service, however. The very best choice is to support your local independent bookseller, if you have one, (not a chain such as Crown or Barnes & Noble, which have driven most independant booksellers out of business due to unfair trade practices), and patronizing your local public library or used book store continues to be an excellent choice. Books that are out of print are marked "OOP" in the sources remark.

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