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Reviews of Books About Children and Death

The Parent's Sourcebook [sources incl. amazon]
Subject: #'s for grieving parents I recently found a book, called "The Parent's Sourcebook". It has a chapter on grief and mourning the loss of a child. [Included is a list of all sorts of support groups for grieving parents, not reproduced here--some are for parents who've had miscarriages. Complete with addresses and phone numbers, it looks extremely helpful --ed.] -- jcm5132 [posted]

Bryan Mellonie and Roger Ingpen: Lifetimes. (Death in the family) "The beautiful way to explain death to children." Bantam, 1983. paperback. [sources incl. amazon]
This book, suitable for ages ~2 and up, is a very good introduction to the subject and idea of death. Its theme is that everything -- plants, animals, people -- has a lifetime, and that each lifetime has a beginning and an end. It acknowledges that the end of a lifetime is sad, but treats it as a natural and non-threatening event, as part of the life itself. Best, it can give a child the vocabulary she needs should she want to talk about her own feelings. My elder daughter chose this book from the library as part of her usual voracious (and indiscriminate) appetite for books, not because we needed to talk about death at the time. However, on two subsequent occasions when death touched our family, I noted that she had retained both the vocabulary and the message of Lifetimes, and we were able to talk more easily because of it.

....a really great book that I think does an excellent job explaining death to children. It does it in a way which is probably compatible with most religions and philosphies. [Probably not for people whose religions explain everything in detail.]

Helping Children Cope With Death (ISBN 1-890534-00-5) [sources incl. amazon]
We got [this booklet] from the Dougy Center (The National Center for Grieving Children and Families). The Dougy Center focuses mostly on helping children who have lost a parent (or primary caregiver), sibling, or teen friend, but most of what is in the booklet applies to kids who are grieving for grandparents or other close relatives. The booklet is about $10 and is available from: The Dougy Center for Grieving Children 3909 SE 52nd Avenue PO Box 86852 Portland, OR 97286 (503) 775-5683 -Alan Jeddeloh

Other books useful for discussing death with children:

Fred Rogers: Talking With Young Children About Death, (Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood), Family Communications, 4802 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. Pamphlet.

Earl Grollman: Talking About Death: A Dialogue Between Parent and Child. 1976. Beacon Press, Boston [sources incl. amazon]

William Kroen: Helping children cope with the loss of a loved one: a guide for grownups. [sources incl. amazon and Free Spirit Publishing (see Sources)]

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