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Pregnancy Books Written Specifically for Fathers-to-be

Martin Greenberg: The Birth of a Father
Talks about what you're coming up against, emotion-wise, in becoming a Dad.

Cecilia Worth: The Birth of a Father (1988, McGraw Hill; 0-07-071825-3) [OOP; try your library or amazon]
First person anecdotes, men talking about feelings and experiences. ....a MUST read for all men about to become parents. This is the ONLY book I've found that addresses the onset of fatherhood in an emotional, yet intelligent way. All others tend to be either written for women, too emotional (lots of "oh wow, you're going to be a daddy!"), too old fashion ("you may have to cook your own meal and wash your own shirt once a week when your wife is in her ninth month"), or just downright silly. It's interesting that it is probably the only book in existence written by a women for men!

I'm sure that it will depend on the man, but I read that book soon after we found out Mary was pregnant with our first, and I thought it was such a piece of fluff that I didn't even want to look for any other aimed-at-the-father books. Instead, I just read all the same books that Mary did. Since we were both working for the first few years after Ben's birth, our roles were nearly identical, anyway. --Kenneth E. Staffan [from a post]

Parents (magazine) Book for Expectant Fathers [OOP]
I just got a copy of [this] at the library for my husband and he's been engrossed in it. It has lots of stories relating experiences and emotions of expectant/new fathers as well as information on the mother's condition during pregnancy and babycare. --Kathleen Reynolds [from a post]

Jerrold Lee Shapiro, Ph.D.: When Men Are Pregnant--Needs and Concerns of Expectant Fathers. New York: Dell Publishers.[sources incl. amazon]
It's a great book: None of those silly cartoon-like layouts that almost "mock" dads-to-be (kind of like they make a joke out of it before they can discuss it!), just a down to earth, sensisitve look at what fatherhood means to different men: from before conception to after birth. It's a wonderful book. My husband was reading parts of it aloud to me yesterday, and saying at times, "that's how I feel, too." We really recommend it! --Ann Bailey [from a post]

I am a father-to-be (Feb 27, 1995) and the best book that I have found is [this]. This is the first book that I found that discussed MY concerns and worries, as opposed to just explaining what my wife was going through.--Jeff Gavin [from a post]

Dr. William Sears: KEYS TO BECOMING A FATHER [sources incl. amazon]
In regards to good father's books...... [Sears] gives fathering from a father's perspective...... He has eight children and starts with what he did wrong with the first couple and works up to men's concerns. What I like best is that he explains to dads why it is a mistake to compete with their baby for the woman's attention; instead of that, he explains how taking care of HER and nurturing the mother/child bond will enrich their relationship and draw them closer together. A must for dads to be and new dads!--LCPower [from a post]

Connie Marshall: The Expectant Father [OOP]
This book is for the father who wants nothing to do with his partner's pregnancy. It is a very "Pay attention to your doctor" book, with strong emphasis on medication and intervention. It is medically innaccurate and condescending to read. -- Robin Elise Weiss, ICCE, CD, NACA

What to expect when your wife is expanding [sources]
BTW, I picked up "What to expect when you wife is expanding" for my husband. It is a parody of WTEWYE. It is hilarious! It is set up in a similar format but has heading like "What your wife will be complaining about this month" Very funny, and not too expensive. -- Joan M. Good UCNS [posted]

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