Zome is the most versatile geometric building toy, and the best for making molecular models. Each of the different colors of struts has its own geometry. You can be just doodling along, idly fitting pieces together, only to find that you have just constructed something with beautiful five-point symmetry. The blue struts are good for building box shapes, as the holes in the nodes that fit their shape are found at intervals of 90 degrees, on the nodes.
Three cubes, nested at anglesa stellated dodecahedron is a nice 3D star link to buy Zome from Amazon

I think that the best place to buy Zome is by mail order from Zometools . It's also one of the few good math toys that can be purchased from Amazon - if you purchase from them after clicking on the picture link to the right (or here), I'll get a small kickback which will help support this web site. There are many places to buy it, though. If your locally-owned toy store has what you need, help them stay in business by buying from them.

Zome Creator Kit Zome Tool - Creator Kit is a powerful tool for serious builders in a neat attache. Create even more dazzling structures from 2, 3, and higher dimensions. Perfect for big projects and classroom use. Buy from Amazon.com

Posted: Tue - May 25, 2004 at 05:12 PM