e-mail me

If I place my e-mail address on a web page, spammers' robots will quickly harvest it and render the mailbox unusable by filling it with garbage, so, well, I can't do that. Sorry.

Try using the contact form from the All About Hand Dyeing website. It will email me what you type into the form.

Or, you can send me e-mail at the following address, if you can read the image:

image of email address

(Robots aren't very good at reading script in images.) Please include this code word on the subject line of your message, to help ensure that my ISP's spam blocker will not screen out your mail: PROCION. I've add it to my whitelist, so message that include it in their subject line will not be marked as spam.

Or, you can remove the numbers from the following address: webpagemail12345@pburch.net .