Trifolia is a gamepuzzle, produced from lasercut acrylic, by Kadon Enterprises; it contains one of each of the possible triangular shapes made from four types of edges: 'straight', 'hills', 'valleys', or 'waves'. It rather resembles one of Escher's famous prints, Day and Night.

As a puzzle, Trifolia challenges you to find multiple ways of fitting the pieces into the frame, a puzzle much more suitable for adults than children, due to its difficulty. You can, for example, try to alternate colors, as in the configuration in which the game arrives from its makers, or try to keep all of one color adjacent, etc. As a game, we found that it works well for children, as well; my two sons, aged seven and twelve at the time, enjoyed playing it together. There are rules for several different games; we played one in which players take turns placing pieces, trying to be the last one able to place a piece so that all edges that touch fit together.

Posted: Sat - October 9, 2004 at 09:37 AM