Another gamepuzzle, Deka-Star can be put together in many different ways. There are two shapes, a 72-degree rhombus and a 36-degree rhombus, each in two different colors. These are the same shapes as are seen in the P3 set of Penrose tiles, though edge-matching markings would be required to force aperiodicity on the tilings made from them.

This is an easy puzzle to assemble. This does not make it inappropriate for adults, however; it makes it accessible to a wider range of adults than the more difficult gamepuzzles. Children also enjoy playing with it.

(The tiles that look white in the camera flash, in the photos below, are all actually yellow; the black 36 degree rhombuses seem to vanish into the adjacent black frame.)

Posted: Mon - May 24, 2004 at 05:09 PM