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Favorite Links

Here are my current favorite links: (all links working as of November 2007)
cool stuff
  • games for kids of all ages (and adults, too)
  • A small guide to Nature's fragrances gives chemicals found in the scents of flowers!
  • Pigments through the ages
  • Google sightseeing the most interesting of satellite images of North America
  • lunar calculator - shows a picture of the moon for any date and time, 1800 - 2199 A.D.
  • See the earth and everything that's in orbit around it, including human-made satellites! Click and spin the globe to get a better view.
  • really useful
  • translate at altavista, with Fagan Finder, and at google
  • Nutrition Analysis Tool
  • amazon - this link gives me a 6 or 7% kickback at no additional charge to you
  • periodic table of the elements
  • postal info
  • USDA Nutrient Values
  • PubMed
  • on-line dictionaries
  • houston stuff
  • houston independant school district
  • houston metro bus schedules and route maps
  • houston real-time traffic map - cool and useful
  • Harris County and Houston Public Libraries
  • real-time rainfall map of houston area
  • Flood Alert at Texas Medical Center [bad link?]
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife
  • more Houston links
  • Other stuff at this site:

  • The Dye Forum
  • Blogs at this site:
  • FAQs baby carriers, baby food,
    breastpumps, nursing strikes
  • Click for Houston, Texas Forecast

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