Tintex dye alternatives In Ontario

Name: luke sky
Message: I would like to buy assortment of tintex fabric dyes near or in the city of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada

I don't know where you can shop for Tintex brand fabric dyes, but perhaps you might consider using another sort of dye. In Australia, the Tintex dye company sells both hot-water (all-purpose) dye and cold-water (fiber reactive) dye, but in North America it seems that only the all-purpose type of Tintex is ever available, if it is available at all.

If you are dyeing cotton or another plant fiber, you will find that all-purpose dye is a lot more trouble to use than fiber reactive dye, because, for best results, you need to immerse the fabric to be dyed in a simmering hot dyebath, with the all-purpose dye, for half an hour or longer. Most home dyers who dye plant fibers, such as cotton, prefer to dye at room temperature, which requires the use of fiber reactive dyes.

All-purpose dye is also poor in washfastness, tending to wash out a little with every laundering, often running onto other clothing in the same washing load, and it is uneconomical for most purposes, because each little box will dye only a small amount of fabric, and half of the dye will just wash out in the first rinsing, since the acid dye in it does not stick to cotton or other plant fibers, while the direct dye in the mixture will not stick to wool or other protein fibers. (Neither will stick to synthetics such as polyester.)

An excellent source of high quality dyes in Ontario, via mail order, is G & S Dye, located in Toronto; see their address and contact information. They sell Procion MX fiber reactive dye, for cotton and other plant fibers, as well as silk, and they sell acid dyes for use on animal fibers such as wool. They also sell disperse dye, which can be used to dye polyester.

Posted: Sunday - November 14, 2004 at 02:07 PM          

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