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CODE Colour
Dharma’s name PROchem’s name G&S Dye’s name George
Dye’s name
Aljo Mfg. Co.’s name Jacquard Products Patchwork
  yellow MX-8G yellow 86 #1 lemon yellow #108 sun yellow 208 bright yellow yellow MX-8G Yellow MX8G #3 lemon yellow 004 lemon yellow Zitronengelb pure; good yellow primary for mixing colors
  yellow MX-6G yellow 1 pure; sold as Ostazinová zlut S-6G
  yellow MX-4G yellow 22 #114 lemon yellow 214 yellow M01 lemon yellow yellow MX-4G Yellow MX4G #10 pure yellow pure
  yellow MX-GR yellow 7 #3 golden yellow #112 tangerine yellow yellow MX-GR being replaced by mixtures?
  yellow MX-RA yellow 44 Yellow MXRA pure
  yellow MX-3R orange 86 #4 deep yellow M02 golden yellow Yellow MX3R Gelborange pure; same dye molecule as yellow MX-3RA
  yellow MX-3RA orange 86 #104 golden yellow 204 golden yellow yellow MX-3RA 010 bright golden yellow pure; denser than 3R
  orange MX-G orange 1 orange MX-G pure, clear orange
  orange MX-2R orange 4 #6 deep orange #202 strong orange 302 orange M04 brilliant orange yellow MX-2R Orange MX2R #1 orange 020 brilliant orange Orange pure, slightly reddish orange; great for mixing with magenta for a true red
  brown MX-GRN brown 23 (#515 burnt orange) (615 brown) (M03 rust orange) (016 rust orange) (Terrakottabraun) apparently replaced by mixtures. dull brownish orange good for mixing dark shades
  brown MX-5BR brown 10 Brown MX5BR (formerly brown rose) pure from Kraftkolour; elsewhere mixture often substituted
  red MX-G red 5 M05 orange scarlet reactive red #5 (mix) pure; not worth the expense; mixes often carry the same MX code
  rubine MX-B red 6 cerise pure; sold by Grateful Dyes as their #14 Cherry or inquire at Aljo Mfg.
  red MX-5B red 2 #12 light red #305 mixing red 405 hot pink M07 brilliant pink red MX-5B Red MX5B 034 magenta Magenta pure; good magenta for use as primary color
  red MX-8B red 11 #13 fuchsia red #308 fuchsia 408 fuchsia M08 vibrant magenta red MX-8B Red MX8B #4 rose red 040 fuchsia Pinkrot pure; good magenta for use as primary color
reactive violet #13 boysenberry or violet MX-BR Magenta MXB pure; ProChem’s C.I. identity is only my best guess so far
reactive violet #14 #117 grape grape 801 or violet MX-GN 415 Raspberry violet 14 or
violet MX-G
Violet MXRA 231 violet pure; note that the name violet MX-G is incorrect though widely used!
  blue MX-7RX blue #161 cobalt blue (no code) no more Blauviolett pure; lovely but not lightfast. In the US, inquire at Aljo Mfg.
  blue MX-R blue 4 #26 sky blue #400 basic blue 500 royal blue M22 royal blue blue MX-R Blue MXR #12 ultra-blue 072 medium blue pure, slightly reddish, somewhat dull blue
  blue MX-2R blue 84 Deep Blue MX2R formazan chromophore
(I haven’t seen this one yet)
blue #204 (formerly FGF Sabracron Intense Blue) Blue MXGRA #1997 bright blue 232 bright blue not Procion MX! Cibacron F
(no longer in production?)
  blue MX-G blue 163 cerulean blue #406 intense blue 506 Cerulean Blue M50 cerulean blue blue MX-G Blue MXG #27 peacock blue 070 cerulean blue Primärblau pure, good mixing primary, slightly greenish blue
  navy MX-3R blue 9 blue #9 (green shade) or navy MX-G Navy MX3R pure, slightly greenish dark navy
  blue MX-2G blue 109 #22 cobalt blue #402c mixing blue 502 slate blue M21 indigo navy Blue MX2G #6986 navy 076 cobalt blue 150% pure, greenish dark navy; greener than cobalt blue glass
blue #168 #414 deep navy Blue MX4GD Aljo carries it Dunkelblau (kalt) pure, greenish navy
  blue MX-3G blue 1 turquoise #2 pure; hard to find
  turquoise MX-G blue 140 #25 turquoise #410 turquoise 510 turquoise M20 brilliant turquoise turquoise MX-G Turquoise MXG #20 brilliant turquoise 068 turquoise Türkisblau pure; the best equivalent to cyan as a primary

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