pure unmixed Procion MX dyes

Table 1. Pure unmixed single-hue Procion MX type (dichlorotriazine) dyes

NOTE: if a Procion MX dye color name does not appear in the table below, it is probably incorrect; either it is listed under a different MX code below, or it is a premixed color, not a true single-hue dye, and is listed on one of the tables of Procion dye mixtures that have MX codes. See “Which Procion MX colors are pure, and which mixtures?”, at http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/FAQ/pureMXcolors.shtml. For a more complete table with very rough color approximations, please download the PDF.


Colour Index reactive dye name

Dharma’s name

PROchem’s name

Custom’s name

G&S Dye’s name

George Weil’s name

Standard’s name

Kraft kolour

Aljo Mfg. Co.’s name

Jacquard Products

Patchwork Shop.de



yellow MX-8G

yellow 86

#1 lemon yellow

#108 sun yellow

#104 yellow MX-8G

208 bright yellow

yellow MX-8G

Yellow MX8G

#3 lemon yellow

004 lemon yellow


pure; good yellow primary for mixing colors


yellow MX-4G

yellow 22

#114 lemon yellow

214 yellow

M01 lemon yellow

yellow MX-4G

Yellow MX4G

#10 pure yellow



yellow MX-GR

yellow 7

#3 golden yellow

#112 tangerine yellow

yellow MX-GR

being replaced by mixtures?


yellow MX-RA

yellow 44

Yellow MXRA



yellow MX-3R

orange 86

#4 deep yellow

#107 yellow MX-3R

M02 golden yellow

Yellow MX3R


pure; same dye molecule as yellow MX-3RA


yellow MX-3RA

orange 86

#104 golden yellow

204 golden yellow

yellow MX-3RA

010 bright golden yellow

pure; denser than 3R


orange MX-G

orange 1

orange MX-G

pure, clear orange


orange MX-2R

orange 4

#6 deep orange

#202 strong orange

#201 orange MX-2R

302 orange

M04 brilliant orange

yellow MX-2R

Orange MX2R

#1 orange

020 brilliant orange


pure, slightly reddish orange; great for mixing with magenta for a true red


brown MX-GRN

brown 23

(#515 burnt orange)

(615 brown)

(M03 rust orange)

(016 rust orange)


apparently replaced by mixtures. dull brownish orange good for mixing dark shades


brown MX-5BR

brown 10

Brown MX5BR

(formerly brown rose)

pure from Kraftkolour; elsewhere mixture often substituted


scarlet MX-G

red 8

no retail source known


red MX-G

red 5

M05 orange scarlet

reactive red #5


pure; not worth the expense; mixes often carry the same MX code


rubine MX-B

red 6


pure; sold by Grateful Dyes as their #14 Cherry or inquire at Aljo Mfg.


red MX-5B

red 2

#12 light red

#305 mixing red

#310 red MX-5B

405 hot pink

M07 brilliant pink

red MX-5B

Red MX5B

034 magenta


pure; good magenta for use as primary color


red MX-8B

red 11

#13 fuchsia red

#308 fuchsia

#304 red MX-8B

408 fuchsia

M08 vibrant magenta

red MX-8B

Red MX8B

#4 rose red

040 fuchsia


pure; good magenta for use as primary color


magenta MX-B

reactive violet #13

boysenberry or violet MX-BR

Magenta MXB

pure; Colour Index name is only my best guess so far


violet MX-2R

reactive violet #14

#117 grape

grape 801 or violet MX-GN

violet MX-G?

415 Raspberry

violet 14 or violet MX-G

Violet MXRA

231 violet

pure; note that the name violet MX-G is incorrect though widely used! Custom Colours Violet MX-G is Standard’s Permabril Violet C-G, not certain it is reactive violet 14


blue MX-7RX

blue #161

cobalt blue (no code)

no more


pure; lovely but not lightfast. In the US, inquire at Aljo Mfg.


blue MX-R

blue 4

#26 sky blue

#400 basic blue

#416 blue MX-2R

500 royal blue

M22 royal blue

blue MX-R

Blue MXR

#12 ultra-blue

072 medium blue

pure, slightly reddish, somewhat dull blue. Note difference in Custom Colours’ MX code


blue MX-2R

blue 84

Deep Blue MX2R

formazan chromophore


blue MX-G

blue 163

cerulean blue

#406 intense blue

#406 Blue MX-G

506 Cerulean Blue

M50 cerulean blue

blue MX-G

Blue MXG

#27 peacock blue

070 cerulean blue


pure, good mixing primary, slightly greenish blue


navy MX-3R

blue 9

#405 navy MX-4G

blue #9 (green shade) or navy MX-G

Navy MX3R

pure, slightly greenish dark navy; note difference in Custom Colours’ MX code


blue MX-2G

blue 109

#22 cobalt blue

#402c mixing blue

#415 blue MX-2G

502 slate blue

M21 indigo navy

Blue MX2G

#6986 navy

076 cobalt blue 150%

pure, greenish dark navy; greener than cobalt blue glass


blue MX-4GD

blue #168

#414 deep navy

Blue MX4GD

Aljo carries it

Dunkelblau (kalt)

pure, greenish navy


blue MX-3G

blue 1

turquoise #2

pure; hard to find


turquoise MX-G

blue 140

#25 turquoise

#410 turquoise

#407 Turquoise MX-G

510 turquoise

M20 brilliant turquoise

turquoise MX-G

Turquoise MXG

#20 brilliant turquoise

068 turquoise


pure; the best equivalent to cyan as a primary

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