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looking for Naphthol dyes in Europe

Name: Pascal

Country or region: Switzerland

Message: Hi Paula,

Thank you so much for all those information about dyeing.
Very useful website.
I am looking for Naphthol dyes in Europe but it seems quite difficult to found them. I checked also the links your put on “where to buy dye & supplies” but nobody of them seems to have naphthol. May I ask you from where you get them?

Thank you in advance for any further help or advice!



Surface Design for Fabric

by Richard
Proctor and
Jennifer Lew

This book
instructions for using Naphthol dyes to dye
cotton fabric.

Buy from

Hi Pascal,

I have never seen a retail source for artists and hand dyers to buy Naphthol dyes in Europe or North America. I have wondered whether this is because of their toxicity and ease of absorption through the skin. I believe that Naphthol dyes should be used only in a properly equipped lab, never in a kitchen or the sort of studio in which people bring in their lunch.

You can order Naphthol dyes internationally from Batik Oetoro in Australia. I don’t know if there are any local restrictions on the importation or use of these dyes in Europe. Batik Oetoro does ship internationally. See the Batik Oetoro “Naphtol & Diazo” page. For more information about Naphthol dyes, see my page, About Naphthol dyes.

If you do order these dyes, I would love to hear about your experiences with them.

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