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This blog contains answers to questions I receive about hand dyeing. For a huge overview of all sorts of dyes and how to use them see the main site at pburch.net.

This web site is a repository of information about dyes and how they work. As a scientist, I believe that freely sharing information is important. The more artists know about how their materials work and what materials are best for their purposes, the more control they have over their work, and the better the work that they can produce.

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One thought on “About the All About Hand Dyes site

  1. Joanne Gould

    Please help. I bought some grey bras with the intention of dying them black. I followed the instrictions and dyed a couple of other things at the same time. These went black but the bras went a salmon colour. I tried again, this time on their own, and the result was – orange. How can I get them black?


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