Is it possible to bleach this black jacket and dye it yellow?

Name: Sierra
Country or region: USA
Message: Hello!

I’ve been scouring your blog and I don’t see my particular situation being represented. I hope I’m not asking a repetitive question. (I apologize if it is and I just don’t know enough about dyeing to know better)

Hot Topic Black Sweetheart Double-Breasted Tiered Ruffle JacketI’m making a cosplay for this character, Yellow Diamond [shown to the left]. My plan is to buy this jacket, which is 72% polyester; 23% rayon & 5% spandex [shown to the right].

Is it possible to bleach it and then dye it yellow and if so, which method of doing so would you suggest for the best result? Regular bleach or a color remover?

Thank you so much for your time!

No, sorry, you can’t bleach that! Chlorine-based bleach will damage the polyester (turning it an ugly yellow that can’t be removed) and break up the spandex. Non-chlorine color removers require heat which will damage the spandex. Besides that, there is never any guarantee that a commercially-dyed black even can be removed by either means. Many black dyes cannot be removed. When bleached, or treated with other color removers, they may stay black, or they may turn an ugly brown, not suitable for dyeing yellow. It’s rare for a commercially-dyed black garment to bleach out to nearly white.

Maybe you could build something suitable starting from pieces such as, say, a dyeable rayon jacket and a skirt that you cut up the front (and fold over the edges and sew so that it doesn’t ravel), from Dharma Trading Company, which is an excellent source for dyes and dyeables. Look at the skirts on the Dharma site and the jackets there, for example, their waterfall jacket. Since they are white, and made of dyeable materials, these clothing items will dye a beautiful yellow. Don’t forget to check out the accessories section to see if they have dyeable gloves, etc. They also have dyeable cotton/spandex leggings.

If you buy a yellow Procion fiber-reactive dye and dye several white dyeable clothing black garments at once in the washing machine, it will all match beautifully, which is a great aid in designing a costume.

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