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Are Lanasyn dyes the same as Lanaset/Sabraset dyes?

Hi. I have been experimenting with Lanasyn acid dyes from Archroma on wool yarn, but I can’t seem to find much information on them online, and none on your web page either. Is there somewhere I can get information on washfastness, full range of shades, etc.? Are they actually the same as Lanaset/Sabraset, or something else altogether? It seems like some of the colours, like the blues, are the same names, but not the reds. Any information on their properties would be appreciated. Thanks!

Archroma (which used to be Clariant) applies the name Lanasyn to two entirely different ranges of acid dyes. Their Lanasyn M dyes are 1:2 metal complex dyes (aka premetalized dyes), while their Lanasyn F dyes are acid milling dyes.

I don’t believe that there is any overlap between the Lanasyn dyes and the acid milling dyes or metal complex dyes in the Lanaset dye range. The Lanaset dyes are made by a different dye company, Huntsman Textile Effects. I think the only thing that the Lanasyn dyes have in common with the Lanaset dyes is that they are made for use on wool, as the Latin word for wool is Lana.

(Some of the dyes in the Lanaset dye range do contain acid milling dyes, including Lanaset Yellow 4G, Lanaset Yellow 2R, and Lanaset Blue 2R, while some of them contain metal complex dyes, including Lanaset Red 2B, Lanaset Brown B, and Lanaset Grey G. Some appear to contain both acid milling dyes and metal complex dyes mixed together, including Lanaset Bordeaux B, Lanaset Navy R, and Lanaset Black B. Some of the Lanaset dyes are reactive dyes, which cannot be part of either Lanasyn dye line, as are the Lanasol dyes, which also belong to Huntsman.)

In general, the 1:2 metal complex dyes are relatively dull in color, including mostly blacks, greys, navies, and dark reds, while the acid milling dyes are brilliant in color, including brights such as turquoise, violet, and bright yellow.

Archroma claims that washfastness and lightfastness are very high for their Lanasyn M dyes, and that washfastness is good for their Lanasyn F dyes, but lightfastness is not as good. They mention that the Lanasyn F dyes are not so good for color mixing.

I have not been able to find further information on the dyes in the Lanasyn F and Lanasyn M dyes ranges, aside from finding a couple of lists online of the names of the dyes in each range, and tentatively identifying the Colour Index names of a few of them. What you will need to do is contact Archroma and ask them for more information about their dyes, including specific washfastness and lightfastness information.

Some dye retailers supply a range of dyes that includes a few of the Lanasyn dyes, along with other brands of dye that act similarly and can be used with them. Kraftkolour, in Australia, sells a collection of acid milling dyes that includes both Lanasyn F dyes and dyes of the brand names Acidol, Nylosan, and Irganol, describing them as “Acid Milling dyes selected for their similar dyeing properties to the Premetallised dyes”, adding, “This range of bright, strong colours are dyed in a weakly acid dyebath and have good fastness.” Depending on your suppliers, you might also want to look into one of these brands. The Irgalan dyes are 1:2 metal complex dyes which a Dye Forum member in Denmark asked me about almost a decade ago.

Interestingly, there are dyes with the Lanasyn brand name that have also been sold under the Irgalan brand name; for example, Lanasyn Grey BLR is also listed as Irgalan Grel BRL; its Colour Index name is Acid Black 60. Other Lanasyn dyes whose Colour Index names I tentatively identified are these:

Lanasyn Scarlet F-3GL 130 C.I. acid red 111
Lanasyn Red F-5B 150 C.I. acid red 143
Lanasyn Violet F-BL 180 C.I. acid violet 48
Lanasyn Navy M-DNL C.I. acid blue 56
Lanasyn Black M-DL 170 C.I. acid black 194

Acid Black 60 is one of the dyes sold for research purposes by the Sigma Aldrich chemical company, which provides the following nicely symmetrical molecular structure:

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