Where to get tie-dyed kippahs

Name: Rochelle

Country or region: Canada

Message: How long would it take to get 6 dozen tie dye kippahs to Canada and what is the cost? What is the extra shipping/handling cost?

I am not selling dyed items myself these days, but I can direct you to where you can get more information.

For dyeable kippot, I recommend that you contact Dharma Trading Company. See the Dharma website. They do ship to Canada, via USPS, FedEx, or UPS. They also sell excellent dyes, the Procion MX dyes which are the best choice for this project. Cotton Kippot are among the very easiest projects to dye, if you order a good tie-dyeing kit and simply follow the directions. (Don’t try to tie-dye polyester kippot.)

To get them tie-dyed professionally, you can contact one of the dyers listed in the second chart of my page, “Where can I find someone to dye my clothing for me?”, or you can search on Etsy.com for a custom tie-dyer. For example, as I write this, the shop “inspiringcolor” on Etsy shows one tie-dyed kippah with an invitation to contact them for special quantity orders.

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One thought on “Where to get tie-dyed kippahs

  1. CrunchyMama

    I’ve done a fair few tie-dyed kippah, including 2 dozen (with matching socks LOL) for a backyard wedding in Canada. The buyer actually had me post them to a US address just over the border and picked them up there, but I’ve not found shipping to Canada in general to be too cost-prohibitive.

    That said, I have had 2 orders (to the same buyer!) go missing in transit; one disappeared completely so I ended up dyeing another set of scrubs at my expense (which I was happy to do) and the other came back to MY home in the US after about 2 months, TORN OPEN (but with everything miraculously inside!), with a note that the address on the label wasn’t a valid one. (I re-sent to the same address and no problems second time.)


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