Daily Archives: March 6, 2004

bleach and dye pants

Name: josh p.
Message: I am sorry to bug ya, but you seem like the tie dye master around the internet… okay here we go…: I bought some ugly pants, I like how the feel and fit… but its that dark ghetto color yuck… so first i needa bleach the color out I guess? But anyways i wanted to tie dye the jeans after i got rid of the color… and maybe, if possible have a peace sign on one of the legs.
I dont know if you can help, but any response at all would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou, peace

Are they machine washable? Are they made of cotton or another cellulose fiber, such as hemp? Does the label lack any little notice saying “DO NOT USE BLEACH”?

If so, go right ahead and bleach, carefully. Use no more than the bleach package says to, and be sure to neutralize the bleach afterwards by washing with Anti-Chlor from http://www.prochemical.com, or with OxyClean or another oxygen type bleach. The oxygen type bleach will stop the chlorine bleach from continuing to work and eating holes in the pants.

After the pants have been somewhat lightened – don’t expect a perfect white – go ahead and dye. DO NOT USE all purpose dye! All purpose dye works well on wool and nylon, but poorly on cotton, and it does very poorly indeed if not simmered with the clothing. Use fiber reactive dye, such as the PRO MX dye sold at http://www.prochemical.com . They also sell excellent tie-dye kits.

Peace signs are more challenging than other designs, and really not a beginner’s project, but see this page for suggestions: http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/FAQ/peace_sign.shtml.

Have fun.