Which Procion H dyes are pure unmixed colors, and which mixtures?

All of the colors in the table below that have a Color Index Reactive name in the leftmost column are pure unmixed colors, unless they have for some reason been replaced by a particular retailer with a mixture. To be certain, you must call your dye supplier and ask whether or not a specific dye is a mixture. If a dye lacks a manufacturer's code, then it is a mixture prepared by the dye retailer, but a dye with a manufacturer's code may still be a mixture. You can also allow a drop of the dye to spread on a dampened coffee filter to see whether it separates out into more than one color.

The table below is listed with dyes in order from yellow through orange, then red, violet, blue, green, brown, and finally black. The 'H' in the dye name code indicates that a dye is a aminochlorotriazine (or monochlorotriazine) or Procion H type dye, while the 'HE' indicates a bifunctional dye which is classified as a bis(aminochlorotriazine), or a Procion H-E type dye. The data in the table below is drawn from many sources and represents my best guesses; please let me know if you can contribute any corrections.

C. I. reactive name H or HE code     G&S Dye (5%+) ProChemical Jacquard Synesthesia
Ostazin H
notes CAS number
(if available)
reactive yellow 85 yellow H-8G         yellow H-8G    
same as above or mix? yellow H-8GNA     Procion H 600 Brilliant Yellow 40%      
reactive yellow 135 yellow HE-6G   Pro H-E6G Sun Yellow     Bright Greenish Lemon-Yellow  
reactive yellow 95 yellow H-6G       yellow H-6G    
reactive yellow 18 yellow H-4G            
reactive yellow 105 yellow HE-4G            
reactive yellow 2 yellow H-5G P050 - Yellow     yellow H-5G    
reactive yellow 179 yellow HE-5G         Bright Greenish Lemon-Yellow CAS:93376-16-0
reactive yellow 3 Yellow H-A P100 - Yellow     yellow H-A    
reactive yellow 18 yellow H-4G            
reactive orange 12 yellow H-R       yellow H-R    
reactive orange 13 orange H-2R            
probable mixture yellow H-3RNA     Procion H 601 Gold Yellow 40%      
reactive yellow 84 yellow HE-4R   Pro H-E4R Gold Yellow        
reactive orange 5 orange H-G       orange H-G    
reactive orange 84 orange HE-R   Pro H-ER Real orange     Bright
CAS 91261-29-9
reactive orange 13 orange H-2R       orange H-2R    
reactive red 33 scarlet H-RN P200 - scarlet          
probable mixture scarlet H-RMA     Procion H 602 Bright scarlet 25%      
reactive red 24 red H-B            
reactive red 45 red H-3B            
reactive red 29 red H-3BNA     Procion H 604 True Red 25%      
reactive red 31 red H-8B P400 - Red          
same as above or mix? red H-8BA     Procion H 605 Fuchsia 40%      
reactive red 120 red HE-3B   Pro H-E3B Basic Red     Bright
reactive red 29 red H-3BN P320 - Red       Cerise
reactive red 141 red HE-7B   Pro H-E7B Fuchsia     Bright
Blueish Red
reactive red 58 red H-8B       red H-8B    
reactive red 58 or 31 red H-8B   Pro H-8B Magenta        
reactive red 152 red HE-8B     Jacquard Red Label 715 Magenta      
reactive violet 1 violet H-3R       violet H-3R    
reactive blue 198 blue HE-GN   Pro H-EGN Basic Blue Procion H 607 Bright Blue 40%   Bright
Royal Blue; Not Discharge-
reactive blue 5 blue H-BR or GR       blue H-BR    
reactive blue 160 blue HE-RD   Pro H-ERD Bright Blue       CAS 71872-76-9
reactive blue 172 blue HE-2R            
reactive blue 49 blue H-3R       blue H-3R    
same as above or mix? blue H-3RN     Procion H 608 Royal Blue 40%      
reactive blue 248 blue HE-4R            
reactive blue 234 blue H-5R P555 - Blue Pro H-5R Reddish Blue   blue H-5R    
reactive blue 13 blue H-5RA or H-5R     Procion H 609 Blue Violet 25%      
probable mixture blue H-4RDA     Procion H 610 Navy Blue 40%      
probable mixture navy HE-W P560 - Navy          
reactive blue 171 navy HE-R P570 - Navy Pro H-ERN Full Navy     Navy; Good for pale depths CAS 77907-32-5 ?
reactive blue 25 turquoise blue H-5G            
reactive blue 3 turquoise blue H-7G            
reactive blue 14 turquoise blue H-GL            
reactive blue 71 turquoise H-A P500 - turquoise Pro H-A turquoise Procion H 606 turquoise 25%   turquoise; Not Discharge-
reactive green 19 green HE-4BD   Pro H-E4BD Forest Green     Blueish Forest Green CAS 61931-49-5
reactive green 8 olive H-G or H-7G       olive H-G    
reactive brown 17 brown H-4RD P730 - brown Pro H-4RD Dark brown     Reddish brown; Not Discharge-
probable mixture brown HE-RA   Pro H-ERA Neutral brown     Blueish brown  
reactive brown 9 brown H-5BR            
reactive orange 35 brown H-GR P180 - brown     brown H-4R    
reactive brown 2 brown H-2G            
reactive black 8 black H-N       black H-N    
probable mixture black HE-GN P850 - Black          
probable mixture black SP-LA     Procion H 613 Toning Black 25%      
probable mixture black H-GDA     Procion H 614 Deep Black 40%      
probable mixture black HE-GA   Pro H-EGA Basic Black        
mixture black HE-BL            
C. I. reactive name H or HE code     G&S Dye (5%) ProChemical Jacquard Synesthesia
Ostazin H
notes CAS number
(if available)

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