mysteries by S.J. Rozan

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I started reading this series in the middle, with Reflecting the Sky because that's what I picked up at our local public library. Soon I was requesting each of the other books, and now that I see that the library is missing one, I'm putting it on my list of books to buy.

There are two main characters, Lydia Chin and her partner Bill Smith, and, interestingly, the books alternate between which of the two is the narrator. I find the ones Lydia narrates more compelling and believable, but then have to read the Bill Smith ones, too, so that I don't miss anything. As in many mystery series, it's the odd feeling of caring about these fictional characters, wanting to know what will happen to them next, that exerts its strongest pull on me.

There are excerpts from each of the books, among other things, at the website of the author, S.J.Rozan.

China Trade
Mandarin Plaid
No Colder Place
A Bitter Feast
Stone Quarry
Reflecting the Sky
Winter and Night

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