Madeline Bean mysteries by Jerrilyn Farmer

This is a pleasant mystery series to read. The main characters are likeable and interesting, the heroine blessedly free of the tendency to do really suicidally stupid things just to make it exciting, and the situations are believable even when they get weird. The location is Los Angeles, and the heroine, like so many in recent years, is a caterer. Many mysteries are located in a bland generic city that could be almost anywhere, but in the Madeline Bean series, the location is almost a character in itself.

In my opinion, it doesn't matter as much to read these books in order, as it does for many such series; however, ideally you should read 'Perfect Sax' only after those which precede it in the series.

Sympathy for the Devil
Immaculate Reception: A Madeline Bean Catering Mystery
Killer Wedding
Dim Sum Dead: A Madeline Bean Culinary Mystery
Mumbo Gumbo: A Madeline Bean Novel
Perfect Sax: A Madeline Bean Novel

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