Paula Burch's
Baby Food Cookbook

So many people have asked me for my baby food recipes that I think there's a need for a cookbook. Please note that I am not a registered dietician (I'm a biologist Ph.D. with an interest in nutrition); what's written here is the best information that I've been able to locate for my own use. As always, never take anything you read as medical advice.

Introducing Foods to Babies

Some foods can make babies sick; some may increase the risk of serious food allergies later in life; and some may even increase the risk of Type I diabetes. Early introduction of solids (before four months of age, or preferably six) may increase the risk of allergies and eczema. It's worthwhile to carefully choose which foods to introduce to a baby, and when. See Food choices for infants for more information on which foods to avoid.

The Recipes

Baby food is very easy to make, but recipes can be useful, nonetheless. Here's my collection, based on my experiences with two kids.

Other Sources

A brief and inadequate discussion on books on this subject.

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